Another Khayyam. Book of Poems

Author: Omar Khayyam

Translation: Julian Aranov

Series: Metaphysical poetry

ISBN: 978-5-9633-0076-3

Страниц: 216

Design: black velvet cover, red flyleaf, ribbon, capital, paper 100 g/m2


Khayaam's Poetry is very ambiguous and contains many layers of meaning. Not only do his poems defy any rigid system of beliefs - they also initiate us into new ways of thinking.

This book is a poetic translation from English into Russian of “The Original Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam” by Robert Graves & Omar Ali-Shah.

The corner-stone of this translation is an adequate relay of poetic images, which serve as a kind of key to the original language of our inner consciousness and bring us closer to the perception of higher analogies.

The old truth states that the world is a mirror. If they person looking in the mirror changes, the world will also become different. In the same way, a contemporary reader is reading "another" Khayaam, a poet, who is outside of time...

"Another Khayyam" opens  a new series "Metaphysical poetry" by the Publishing Group “Tradition”.