Panchatantra - Indian Strategy of Success / Hitopadesha: Paradoxes of Reciprocity

Author: Maria Nikolaeva

Series: original Maria Nikolaeva series

ISBN: 978-5-9905659-0-6

Pages: 200

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For centuries, people would test different success techniques and share them with each other, creating whole systems that would help anyone, even the biggest losers, to turn their life into a masterpiece of abundance and blessings.

One of such systems for "creating your own destiny" is the ancient Indian compilation of 5 books, which in Sanskrit is called: "Panchatantra". In Indian culture it relates to the field of niti-Shastra - "the science of the right conduct", which is taught to heirs of noble families.

However, the problems discussed in "Panchatantra" and its medieval sequel - "Hitopadesha", are inherent to every society in every time: searching for vocation, increasing wealth, making friends, understanding marriage and relationships. Instructions in "Panchatantra and Hitopadesha" are given in a metaphorical form - as morality tales.

Maria Nikolaeva is a specialist in Western and Eastern Philosophy, as well Psychology (she has three degrees), a member of Scientific Association of Esotericism and Mysticism. She is the author of 33 non-fiction books on Eastern cultures. Apart from being a professional philosopher, writer and teacher, she has devoted a quarter of a century to the synthesis of spiritual practices from different traditions. After studying with more than fifty traditional masters of Asia, she has created her own method "Strategy of self-being".

Books "Panchatantra: Indian strategy of success" and "Hitopadesa: paradoxes of reciprocity" are part of the Maria Nikolaeva's book series by the Publishing Group "Tradition". They continue Indian tradition of comments to classical texts.

From the Publisher


Thinking about the answer to  "How to live life without wasting it", we can say that life is a school.

The ideal formula of this school looks like this:

  • good students (people who want to learn): let's assume it is you;
  • talented teachers: let's assume that it is your environment;
  • high-quality educational materials: we state that it is this is book.

One of the required courses in this school is Science of Correct Behavior, a textbook for which we present in this edition. Using this book as a thread in the labyrinth of life, you will achieve personal happiness and help happiness of others, realizing the cosmic desire:

"Happiness for all,


And may no one go away unsatisfied!"

A. and B. Strugatsky, "Roadside Picnic"