Yuri Mamleyev. Unseen Truth

Юрий Мамлеев. Невиданная Быль

Author: Yuri Mamleyev

Series: Metaphysical poetry

ISBN: 978-5-9905747-0-0

Pages: 272

Design: the cover is made out of woodfree paper Twist Red with unique one-sided coating on the surface. Its fabric fibers create a pattern of chaotic criss-cross lines; black flyleaf; embossed - antique bronze; ribbon; paper 100 g/m2 ivory tint.


The Book "Unseen Truth. Poems and prose” shows us a new creative side of Yuri Mamleyev. A well-known philosopher and writer presents his collection of poetry. In his unique style he paints images of the “other side” and the strange ways in which they manifest in our world.

The book consists of five parts, five themes. Each section starts with a story, a novel or an essay, that is followed by poems, written from the perspective of the characters in the preceding text. Themes are varied: stories of the inhabitants of the otherworldly spheres, sophisticated philosophical and metaphysical reflections, poetry about Russia... Despite the hopeless grief of “otherworldly creatures", in the context of grotesque landscapes of everyday life, amidst the wild laughter, there is always a continuous inner search of spiritual freedom.

Poetry and Prose collection by Yuri Mamleyev “Unseen Truth" continues the series of "Metaphysical poetry" by the Publishing Group "Tradition".


From the Publisher


This book is not for everyone...

You need to be adequately prepared, initiated into the mysteries of the “other side” that are described in this book.

Or do you need to come the boundaries of Self, to your limits, to the line, after which is only Abyss.

For those, who will succeed in the challenge of "other" meanings, the world will forever be changed or... "will disappear".

Or has already disappeared. Because, according to some traditions, the end of the world happened long time ago, but in "our" time, it will last for a while.

But in any case - it's a chance.

After the "end of the world", after the "death of the gods”,

it is a chance to know Yourself,

to know who is Who,

to know That-Which-Cannot-Be-Known.