Herbs for Yoga and Ayurveda

Author: Maria Nikolaeva

Series: original Maria Nikolaeva series

ISBN: 978-5-9905747-2-4

Pages: 192

Design: Deluxe edition. Full color print, fabric cover Imperial, blind-stamped and embossed in gold, dark green designer flyleaf, ribbon, capital

Note: Watercolor illustrations by Olga Kozhanova. Maurice Pillard Verneuil themes were used in design.


Usually books on Yoga and Ayurveda have a significant drawback: when talking about plants, only their Indian names are specified. But what is this plant in reality - is difficult to understand; and therefore, it is difficult to follow the recommendations. Moreover, in everyday wellness practice, it is much more practical to use native plants, that have similar effects to traditional Indian plants, which can be very difficult to acquire.

We tried to correct all these drawbacks in this book, which continues the work of Ayurvedic specialist Dr. David Frawley, who was making the Arsenal of "Useful Yogic Plants" for the US. Here his recommendations are adapted for Russia and the continental climate zone. We focused specifically on the plants that you can grow at home or in your garden.

The book "Herbs for Yoga and Ayurveda” are part of the Maria Nikolaeva's book series by the Publishing Group "Tradition".



From the Publisher


To paraphrase a famous parable:

"Before I turned to the Teaching, mountains were just mountains, a river was just a river, and grass was just grass.

After I began to practice the Teaching,  mountains stopped being just mountains, a river stopped being only a  river, and grass stopped being  simply grass.

And when I reached enlightenment, I saw that mountains became just mountains, river - only a river, and grass - simply grass".

For those who still see grass as only grass,

And for those  for whom grass stopped being simply grass,

This book will become an aid on the Path, on which nothing, as you know, is trivial.

As for the last stage (when the grass again become just grass), we can say:

Life of a Master is  simple.

Just like this grass.