Brother Taigars' Stories

Author: Aigars Burgelis

Series: Essays

Pages: 120

Design: hardcover, ancient Latvian ornament

Note: Limited edition of 300 copies


An amazing, unusual, simultaneously touching and powerful book by brother Taigers opens a new School series “Essays” by the Publishing Group "Tradition".

It's been a few years since Master G has left this world and we can now see the growth of spiritual seeds, carefully planted by Vladimir Stepanov, in people who had the courage to follow him, despite all obstacles and illusions. Moreover, we see that each of his disciples gradually opens his or her creativity and manifests into the world his accumulated potential: this is how the good news and the impulse of the Ship of Fools, the true “School of Schools” is spreading in the world.

On behalf of the Publishing Group "Tradition" we welcome all such efforts and will continue to support creative accomplishments of our fellow School-mates.

Not unto us, o Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy name give glory!