Mystical Underground

Автор: Konstantin Serebrov

Series: Alchemy in Action

ISBN: 978-5-906564-08-5

Pages: 712

Hardcover: hardcover with selective coating and gold embossment


The works of Konstantin Serebrov "One step through the looking glass" and "Mystical underground" are an attempt to express in a literary form the Inner Path, as practiced by the Russian Hermetic School. The reader will learn the hidden dimensions of life of a wandering Master G, seen through the eyes of his student. In order to realize the dream of the higher Self, the neophyte has to leave his habitual way of life behind and take part in a mysterious mission of his Master.

The inner life of those searching for the unknown happens on subtle planes, with unusual adventures, often with the acute risk not only for the body but also for the soul. The Mystery impulse, that was received by some refined souls and transformed  by them into strange art and unusual lifestyle, was obscure and incomprehensible, not only to ordinary people, but also to many representatives of the mystical underground themselves.

Lively and straightforward language of the book will deepen internal development of any reader.

The first book that opens the series "Alchemy in Action” by the Publishing Group “Tradition”.

Author's Preface

I have always been attracted to the idea of inner development; I wanted to understand the mysteries of existence, to look behind the mysterious curtain which covers our usual perception. Most people tend not to believe in a secret, hidden world. Maybe these people are happier than I am: they achieve success in their career,  have wonderful families and children. They make up public opinion.

I once met a man who pointed me to the spiritual path. I contemplated for a long time, before I decided to join him, abandoning old beliefs and intentions. It took me a year to break free from the routine of my life and accept the teaching, which he was carrying in his heart. Transmission of the teaching required many adventures and experiences, as well as the growth of my being.

After a few years the caterpillar of my soul turned into a butterfly spirit and flew on open wings, rejoicing in the beauty of the universe. There were times when I regretted things that I left in the past and tried  to return to them. But there was no past, where I was going. So I always came back to the Path, firmly believing that one day I will understand  the mystery of existence.

In this work I want to tell the reader about the Mystery dimension of my mentor's life that he, being an unsurpassed Director and Actor, skillfully concealed from those who were hostile to his mission or too far from it.