Herbs for Yoga and Ayurveda

Usually books on Yoga and Ayurveda have a significant drawback: when talking about plants, only their Indian names are specified. But what is this plant in reality - is difficult to understand; and therefore, it is difficult to follow the recommendations.

Юрий Мамлеев. Невиданная Быль

Yuri Mamleyev. Unseen Truth

The Book "Unseen Truth. Poems and prose” shows us a new creative side of Yuri Mamleyev. A well-known philosopher and writer presents his collection of poetry. In his unique style he paints images of the “other side” and the strange ways in which they manifest in our world.

Panchatantra - Indian Strategy of Success / Hitopadesha: Paradoxes of Reciprocity

For centuries, people would test different success techniques and share them with each other, creating whole systems that would help anyone, even the biggest losers, to turn their life into a masterpiece of abundance and blessings.

Another Khayyam. Book of Poems

Khayaam's Poetry is very ambiguous and contains many layers of meaning. Not only do his poems defy any rigid system of beliefs - they also initiate us into new ways of thinking.